Mike McQueary is a really crappy witness

by 7 years ago


Mike McQueary, the prosecution’s star witness against alleged pederast Jerry Sandusky, has changed his story. Again. He now says the shower incident took place in 2001 and not 2002. Oops.

At the December preliminary hearing for Curley and Schultz, their attorneys asked McQueary about the time of the incident. He stood by spring 2002.
But in his initial written statement to police in 2010, McQueary seemed less confident. The statement begins: “On

Listen I understand forgetting an event by a few weeks, perhaps even a few months. Especially when said event took place a decade ago. But McQueary was off by over a year. You’d think if he saw something as horrible as child rape, it’d be ingrained in his mind.

I’m disgusted.

I’m disgusted because this very well might lead to Sandusky getting off scot-free. I advocate punching McQueary in the testicles several times. In fact, how about home run nut shots? Actually, that seems perfect.

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