The pandas are finally loose in ‘World of Warcaft’

by 5 years ago

Or should I say, the aforementioned Mists of Pandaria expansion for World of Warcaft is finally available.

So to show everyone that the latest edition to the World of Warcraft universe is more than just a bunch of goofy characters inserted that are seemingly the result of an all niter, fueled by copious amounts of marijuana and Kung Fun Panda playing it the background, Blizzard has produced the video above to show that this is a real deal expansion.

And there is indeed a lot of new content, in the form of new areas, scenarios, and the just added monk class. Thus far, many find the addition of the brand new Chinese influenced art styles to be garish and a poor fit. But that’s saying World of Warcraft was never ugly as hell to begin with. Which is a boldfaced lie.

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