Mom calls 911 because her son was watching porn in the living room

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So mom was just rolling into her house, with a business client and her two-year-old daughter in tow, when her daughter turned on the living room TV and wouldn’t you know it but there was an adult film on the tube. Naturally, she called 911.

Upon entering the home, Gallman’s daughter “turned on the TV and there was porn on.” Gallman told investigators that “they immediately turned off the TV” and took the child out of the room.

While watching porn remains legal, Gallman explained that she called 911 because her son “has been having behaviors issues.” Gallman (seen above) added that she wanted to file a report to document her “son’s behavior and due to her daughter being exposed to porn.”

The Smoking Gun also so eloquently pointed out that the police report “does not indicate what the teen was doing in his room.” One can only imagine. Actually, scratch that. Let’s not.

Mom Calls Cops After Discovering Son, 15, Was Watching Porn On Living Room TV [Smoking Gun]

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