Montee Ball tweets he was not involved in fight

by 7 years ago


Despite reports to the contrary, Wisconsin running back Montee Ball tweets he was not involved in a fight. The rumors circulated after he was jumped by five men early Wednesday morning. Ball appears to be okay after being hospitalized for a brief time yesterday with minor injuries.

Wisconsin head coach Bret Bielema and University police were adamant the attacks were unprovoked. But TMZ has sources that indicate otherwise.


… cops have received tips about a brawl at a UW football player’s home roughly one week before Ball was jumped on campus.

According to our sources, cops have been told Ball was at the home … and along with some of his teammates, may have participated in beating up a non-football player.

Although I’m quite skeptical of anything TMZ says, this seems to fit the story a little more than “a bunch of d-bags attacked Montee Ball for no reason.” Getting jumped on a college campus isn’t exactly rare but an athlete as recognizable as Ball and as physically imposing? Nah, something stinks here. Sorry.

And for what it’s worth Bret Bielema, referring to the “card” won’t help you here. We all know you checked.

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