Moog’s synthesizer app gets even better

by 7 years ago

Moog has already put out an awesome app, Animoog, that lives up to the storied synthesizer of the same name. It’s a great app. And now, Moog has made it even better.

Moog synthesizer app


Animoog is not cheap: It’s $15 now, but will jump to $30 on January 1st. That may sound a bit costly, but there’s excellent reason for that: Animoog is one of the best music apps out there.

The update includes features ranging from the minor to the amusing. For example, if you want to change the tone or pitch of an effect, you can just grab the iPad and rattle it, turning it into some sort of bizarre and exceptionally expensive tambourine.

You can also buy a module to turn Animoog into a full MIDI controller, which is useful to say the least. Oh, and your recording time in the app has doubled.

OK, so this may not be your first purchase in the app store for your new Christmas iPad. But if you’re a musician, or just interested in making music, this is one of the first apps you should get.

Animoog [Moog]

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