7 of the most hilarious punches in movies

by 8 years ago
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best movie punches


Sometimes to hit the right comedic note you just need a little violence because there's something about someone getting smacked, thwacked, slapped or punched that's just plain funny. In movies, a solid act of comedic violence relies on good acting, editing and of course, great "getting hit" sound effects. What's your favorite funny movie punch?

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As everyone who has ever gotten clapped in the ear knows, it's one of the most annoyingly painful things in the history of flesh hitting flesh. The ear-punch receiving end displayed here is perfectly and hilariously acted out by Brad Pitt, leaving him in pain and us in stitches.

Choice quote:
"Motherfucker! You hit me in the ear!" - That's kind of a spoiler...then again, who hasn't seen Fight Club?

Bob Barker punching Adam Sandler is almost as awesome as Adam Sandler punching Bob Barker. Why is young dude/old dude violence (in film, not in real life, sicko) funny from just about any perspective? Probably because it's just wrong. Respect your elders, kids.

Choice quote:
"The price is wrong, bitch!" - Happy Gilmore

Mike Tyson knocks Alan (who is played by Zach Galifianakis) unconscious while we are serenaded by a soundtrack of Phil Collins. That's really all you need to know.

Choice quote:
"This is my favorite part coming up right now." - Mike Tyson

This is one of the simplest and funniest acts of inter-galactic violence in film history. Will Smith and an alien have a dogfight in their aircraft and crash land in the desert. Our hero saunters over to the alien craft and as the pod opens and the dreadlock'd alien starts to emerge Big Willie greets him with some good old planet Earth hospitality: a punch to the exoskeleton.

Choice quote:
"Welcome to Earth!" - Will Smith

Indy and Elsa are on a mission to save Indy's dad from the evil clutches of the Nazis. Their plan to infiltrate the castle Brunwald? Pretend they are Scottish tapestry-inspectors. The prissy butler is having none of this, however, so always the quick-thinker, Indiana Jones goes for plan B and incites some more young guy/old guy violence, whacking the butler unconscious about 45 seconds into this hilarious exchange.

Choice quote:
"If you're a Scottish Lord, then I am Mickey Mouse!" - The Butler

The reasoning behind this is completely unnecessary. All you have to know is that Conan the Barbarian likes to eat, drink, fuck and kill. And when he's drunk on wine as he tends to be in evenings he will punch anyone or anything that stands in his way, including camels. In all honesty, the camels should have known better.

Choice quote:
Everything Conan says is pretty hilarious...because not only is his last name "the Barbarian," but he's also Arnold Schwarzenegger whose thick Austrian accent is something that's often imitated, but never duplicated.

Les Grossman punches his assistant because Les Grossman is a dick. This was probably the best cameo in any movie ever with Tom Cruise playing the part of the evil, ugly, rich, (implied) Jewish studio exec. He does a kick-ass dance at the end, but since we're talking about punches, feast your eyes on the hilarious one above...and then watch it again. And after that see how many more times you can watch the same thing happen each split second until you go completely insane.

Choice quote:
"Now I want you to take a step back... and literally fuck your own face!" - Les Grossman

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