You’re a vegematarian? Not now! Boom!! Pig!

by 7 years ago

Mr. Weebl is best known for creating trends rather than piggy backing on them, but he has finally hopped on the bacon express. I can’t think of anything more popular than bacon at the moment, so it’s not a bad train to ride.

Bacon gets way more hype than it deserves, but you can’t argue the fact that it’s delicious. We definitely need the mighty Meat Wizard roaming the world covering birthday cakes with bacon, making it rain strips from the sky, and converting vegetarians. If the wizard is badass enough to get Jules Winnfield eating pig, there’s nothing he can’t do. Suck it Harry Potter.

If you aren’t familiar with Mr. Weebl, he’s probably the reason you know what a narwhal is. They’ve had a resurgence lately, but they were on very few people’s radars until his absurd song in February ’09.