Mycestro: A computer mouse clipped to your finger

The desktop is on the way out. It just is. You likely own a laptop or, if you’re really cutting edge, a tablet with a keyboard dock or Bluetooth keyboard. The problem is that touchpads aren’t really the greatest control scheme, and using a full mouse with a laptop can be an exercise in frustration.



The Mycestro has a silly name, but it can easily solve that problem.

It’s essentially a “flying mouse”: a device that transmits its location in 3D space to a computer and uses that data to control a mouse cursor. Flying mice have been available for years, but most of them are huge and require AA batteries, and work to a questionable degree.

The Mycestro charges via a lithium battery and a USB port, and clips straight to your finger. You then simply type on your laptop and when you need a mouse, press your thumb on the Mycestro and move your cursor as necessary.

It looks to be an invaluable little gadget for road warriors, and $79 gets you one in white from the Kickstarter currently running.

Mycestro [Kickstarter]