Naked models strut down runway, because vodka [SFW]


They say sex sells, but Purity Vodka took it a step farther by using naked models in a fashion show to pimp their vodka. Go nude or go home?

Who doesn’t love naked models? Sure half of them were guys, but the ladies need an excuse to buy vodka too.

If you’re not familiar with Purity Vodka, this shtick actually make sense (to a point). Only 10% of their initial spirit run makes it to the bottle, and that’s all the reason they needed to ask models to wear 10% of the clothing. I’m not one to complain about naked models, but we can all agree that the 10% of clothing that remained looked pretty dumb. That’s the fashion industry for you.

I can’t wait for one of the 100% rye vodkas, like Chopin, to put out an ad with 100% naked porn stars… you know, because they’re spicy.

Want more naked models? Look no further.