NBC’s Olympic coverage includes the Iron Sheik

by 8 years ago

If you’re familiar with The Iron Sheik, you know he’s not all there. In fact, judging from his Twitter account, it’s a good bet he’s mentally unstable. So of course, someone from NBC interviewed him about the Olympics. Because, you know, why not.

Here’ a brief excerpt:

Wow, aggressive. Could the Iron Sheik beat any of the current wrestlers on Team USA?
In my day I beat living [expletive] out of all Olympian who challenge the legend. I put them in a camel clutch, break they back [two or three expletives], and make them humble. But now I am not in same shape as before so I don’t [expletive] with them.

The NBC Olympic website claims is wasn’t their idea but I think we are onto their shenanigans. In hindsight, the interview was supposed to be funny. Like, in the same way we all laugh at crazy people that keep doing those “Call Me Maybe” videos.

But as a keen observer of funny things on the internet, let me tell ya rather plainly NBC, no, this was not funny. The Iron Sheik stands alone on Twitter creating jokes. He doesn’t need your help getting his message out there.

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