Never burn the roof of your mouth again!

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The biggest downside to hot pockets is that you undoubtedly end up burning your tongue on the liquid hot magma contained within. Scientist have solved that ancient dilemma with new dissolving strips that ease the pain and heal the burn.

A dissolvable oral strip has been developed to immediately relieve pain from burns caused by ingestion of hot foods and liquids, such as coffee, pizza, and soup. This research is being presented at the 2012 American Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists (AAPS) Annual Meeting and Exposition, the world’s largest pharmaceutical sciences meeting, in Chicago, Ill., on Oct. 14 – 18.

Lead researcher Jason McConville, Ph.D., and colleagues from University of Texas at Austin, designed the strip for controlled delivery of a local anesthetic, benzocaine, and a therapeutic polymer. Benzocaine, commonly used as a topical pain reliever in dental products and throat lozenges, was chosen as for its non-irritating properties.

The strip is applied directly to the burned part of the tongue, cheek or roof of the mouth. It sticks to the affected area and won’t interfere with normal day-to-day activities, as it quickly dissolves for instant pain relief and promotes healing.”

I have a funny feeling that Hot Pockets got their hands on this information before anyone else, and that’s why they reignited their hardcore advertising campaign. You don’t just randomly decide to go out and grab Snoop Lion-O, DeStorm, and 34-year old Andy Milonakis (what???) to film a commercial using an 8-year old song unless you’ve got something new cookin’ in the kitchen. With these strips, I expect their sales to at least sextuple.

Breath Strips That Heal Burns From Eating Hot Pizza [Geekologie]

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