New company will make you a button down shirt you never have to wash

by 6 years ago

Kickstarter has funded a new company called Wool & Prince. Their goal? To make you a button down shirt you never have to wash.

never wash shirt


The premise? Wool & Prince’s shirts are made from wool rather than the usual cotton or cotton/polyester blends you find in the marketplace.

Wool & Prince’s team claims that because of the differences between wool and those other standard fabrics, they’ve created a shirt that allows you 100 days of wearing a shirt with no need for dry cleaning or ironing along with no unpleasant odors.

Wool & Prince launched their funding campaign in late April. The company sought $30,000 to pay for the first order of shirts. As of noon on May 1st, they’ve raised over $235,000.

Seems like an ambitious goal to revolutionize the shirt industry (and probably one someone would have thought of trying before) but, hey, if it gets you out of washing your clothes without smelling like a hobo then let’s see how it goes!

Want your shirt? Get in on the Kickstarter before the funding campaign closes.