New dating site aims to get gamers laid

by 7 years ago

It’s called Shag A Gamer, and as the name implies, it’s a British run sun that aims to give video game players “full access to young, old, exciting sexy individuals wanting no-strings sex.” Sure.


The service also claims to be “the best at matchmaking thousands of Gamers.” According to the man in charge, Tom Thurlow, in an interview with Eurogamer: “[It] fills the gap left for horny geeks who aren’t necessarily looking for dating or a long-term relationship, but who are interested in scouting for sex online and meeting up for no-strings nookie.”

Shag A Gamer was born from a similar site called Date a Gamer, and as Thurlow just stated, is specifically for those who have been using that latter site for meaningless sex and not serious relationships. But there’s another key difference: this new thing is not just for Brits; Americans can use it too.

Registering is painless; it’s free and you can literally make up any email address to gain entry. Unfortunately… and not surprisingly… the legitimately pretty faces on the front page, at the bottom, are nowhere to be found inside (maybe Brit girl gamers are all uniformly hot). Inside, it uses your zip code to scour your area for single players, but despite being from NYC, I got profiles from as far away as Arizona.

And the type of women who can be found are… not my type. As in, totally desperate; it’s a safe bet you anything that these ladies have profiles on every single dating/hook-up portal imaginable, to make sure they get laid somehow. My favorite profile belongs to “Tracy”, whose stats include Marital Status: Unhappily Married” and Favorite Position: Missionary”. And under interests, there’s…


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