New government app lets you know how dangerous riding the bus is

by 8 years ago

Ever since the federal government decided it was OK to let some guy who failed the psych evaluation to be a cop become the guy who squeezes your balls or blasts you with radiation at the airport for twelve bucks an hour, Americans have rediscovered the appeal of riding the bus. And with bus companies competing to offer dirt cheap fares between major cities, really, it all depends on how much of a tolerance you have for other people being obnoxious and slow Wi-Fi.



But, of course, not all bus operators are good at their jobs…but how to know which are good and which are godawful?

The Department of Transportation has an app for that!

The SaferBus app, which is free and currently only on iPhone, lets you search bus companies by name or by their DOT registration number (which will be on the side of the bus). Then it tells you if they’ve exceeded the limit in any of five areas: Unsafe Driving, Fatigued Driving, Driver Fitness, Controlled Substances and Alcohol, and Vehicle Maintenance.

Yep, basically it’ll tell you whether to be worried about the driver being stoned, sleepy, or just stupid, and also whether the bus will crap its engine three hundred miles from civilization. Thanks, Department of Transportation!

New DOT App Gives You Potentially Scary Info About the Bus [Consumerist]

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