New reality show is just people having sex in front of a live audience

by 7 years ago

Has reality TV reached its apex or just gotten lazy? Could go either way based on this report of a new reality show that’ll just be be people having sex in front of a live audience.

couple sex

Couple sex image by Shutterstock

On the show, titled Sex Box, couples will be shielded from view in the studio and, after finishing the deed, will join a panel of experts to discuss the experience and their lives.

Volunteers for the show thus far include a gay couple in their 30s and a straight couple in their 20s who hope they can be a part of increasing discussion of sex amongst their peers.

Sex Box absolutely intends to be an open and adult conversation about sex,” Channel 4 producer Ralph Lee told The Independent. “[It’s] something we feel is currently being overlooked by mainstream programming.”

I’m not sure what these panels are expecting to achieve. If these couples are anything like me, the postcoital discussion will consist of the man offering her a bottle of water then falling asleep immediately while the girl sits there and texts her friends about the minutes of disappointment she just endured. Not particularly revealing.

Sex Box is slated to air on the UK’s Channel 4 on October 7.

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