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What fresh hell is TV ready to unleash on us in the next few years? We’ve got the scoops. After the upfronts come the pitches, as production studios drop all of their ideas onto the money men. This won’t be a complete listing of every new show that the networks have committed to, but it should hopefully give you a little hint on what’s coming.

J.J. Abrams Robot Buddy Cop Show

Abrams has one new show debuting this season, Revolution, but Deadline is reporting that his Bad Robot production company has just sold another one to Fox. With Fringe ending, the network is obviously eager to continue their relationship with Abrams. The show is set in the future, where human cops are all paired with android partners.

NBC Robot Murderer Show

Robots are big right now, apparently, as NBC has also pulled the trigger on a futuristic show involving artificial life. Deadline has the details on the as yet untitled show, which will be produced by Homeland‘s executive producer Howard Gordon. The basic plot envisions a world where humans and humanoid robots peacefully coexist until the first robot-on-human murder occurs, at which point things start to go bananas.

Beverly Hills Cop

Reviving 80s properties is still hot in Hollywood, and the latest to crawl back from the grave is Beverly Hills Cop, which was just picked up by CBS. Based on the Eddie Murphy films, the show will actually bring the star back to TV as Axel Foley, but he won’t be the focus of the show. Instead, the lead will be Foley’s son Aaron, working to live up to his Dad’s legacy on the mean streets of Beverly Hills. Sounds pretty awful, but the production company made a smart movie in hiring The Shield showrunner Shawn Ryan to helm the series. If anybody can make it work, he can.


Awake was one of my favorite shows last season, so it’s nice to see that creator Kyle Killen hasn’t taken its failure too harshly. He’s just placed a pilot at ABC that sounds good. Called Influence, it’s a little more commercial than his last concept, telling the tale of two brothers who head an agency that solves problems through psychology. One of them’s an ex-con, the other one’s a bipolar genius. This guy has the talent to make something like this sing, so I’m pulling for it.

Three Jimmy Fallon Shows

One of the biggest winners this season was Jimmy Fallon and his production company Holiday Road, which has announced three new series. Slammed is a single-camera comedy set in the world of professional wrestling. Anybody who knows anything about the inner workings of the pro graps business knows this is very fertile territory for comedy. Bad Seeds is a drama described as Dexter meets The O.C., about a gang of vigilante teenagers who dole out covert justice on bullies at their high school. Finally, there’s Untitled Hipster Project, about an anthropologist who goes undercover to study hipsters. Well, they can’t all be winners.

L.A. Woman

Produced by Justified‘s Graham Yost, this NBC series sounds pretty promising. L.A. Woman is a drama set in the 1970s about a female spy out in the cold in the City of Angels. Yost is also producing The Americans for FX, starring Keri Russell.


Probably the biggest announcement of the new pilot season is S.H.I.E.L.D., which ABC just snagged. Working as a spin-off from the massively successful Avengers movie, the series will be produced and possibly directed by Joss Whedon. Don’t look for it to feature the same characters or actors from the movie, but as Marvel’s first venture into live-action TV since 2006’s Blade: The Series it’s kind of a big deal.

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