News of ‘Bayonetta 2’ for the Wii U not going over so well

by 6 years ago

Time for yet another great example of nerd rage at its finest! Which we already had a taste of, earlier this morning, but this is far grander in scale. In fact, dare I say that it’s awfully close to Mass Effect 3 levels?

As noted yesterday, Bayonetta 2 is headed towards the Wii U. Not only that, but it’s an exclusive (Nintendo is actually publishing the game). I figured such a minor detail would upset some people, but Jesus Christ. Here’s just a small sample, courtesy of GoNintendo


And that was yesterday afternoon. The bitchfest is still going strong. To see the latest whiny, entitled tweets, simply click here.

Another great place to catch out such pathetic, fanboy-ish behavior is NeoGAF, where the hardest of the hardcore gather to talk (well, mostly bitch) about games. This wall of shame, features their own members having temper tantrums about a franchise that they supposed love, but now hate. With my fave example being…

[T]he Wii-U looks like the same Wii garbage. It’s a system with a gimmicky controller that will have great Mario and Zelda games, and a rare amount of good third party games. Mario and Zelda games don’t interest me as much as they did in the N64 days and prior, and I have no intention of buying a Wii-U for one game…

…I understand Nintendo is willing to put the money up for this, but that doesn’t mean nobody else would have. If Nintendo didn’t green light this already someone else would have in the next couple years no doubt. I’m just disappointed they were the ones to snatch it up.

First off, like a game in which the female lead gets naked while doing special attacks isn’t somehow gimmicky? Also, sorry folks, but the first one was a bomb and the chances of a sequel had been zilch, until Nintendo decided to do fans of Bayonetta a favor. Which is clearly not being appreciated.

All I can say is: kids today. Back in my day, most good games only came out for one console, and if you own a particular platform, you either saved your money or made pals with kids who had the other system. People clearly have no idea how good they’ve got it these days.

And perhaps it should be too shocking to hear that the producer of the game is now also getting death threats. Keeping it classy, gamers! At least someone managed to post some genuinely valid food for thought…

I wonder how much more detailed Bayonetta’s ass will be in this one?


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