Here are two crazy news stories, both involving poop

by 5 years ago
Bathroom via Shutterstock

Bathroom via Shutterstock


Two different news stories, in two different parts of the world, with one common theme — crap happens.

First, in Florida, a woman is claiming the police forced her to crap in her yard while they searched her house for meth. And now she’s suing the cops.

In the lawsuit, Brooks claims that officers refused to let her use the bathroom inside her home or in the officers’ truck after she was led out in handcuffs. The officers reportedly “told her to ‘just use the restroom right there’ in the front yard,” U.S. District Judge Roy Dalton Jr. wrote, Courthouse News Service reports. The lawsuit states that the officers laughed at her while she was changing into a plastic jumpsuit after going to the bathroom in her yard.

The judge felt the defendant was full of shit and dismissed the case.

Meanwhile, up in the Great Brown North, a burglar was caught in the act by a homeowner. When the other guy got the upper hand, the burglar resorted to begging and then turding up his shorts.

During a brief wrestling match, the suspect struggled and, as Guerra had him pinned down, came up with every possible excuse to be released by the victim. ”He said everything he could think of,” Guerra told KPTV News. “He said he was in a bad spot. He didn’t mean to. That he was sorry. And one of the last things he said was, ‘Come on man, I pooped my pants.’”

Maybe he should start investing in plastic jumpsuits like the lady in the first story. She already got her money’s worth.

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