Watch annoying tech nerds struggle with the Nexus 7 box

by 7 years ago

It’s one of the endless traditions of tech blogging: the unboxing video. You notice I never put you, the humble Guyism reader, through said ritual. This is because videos of people unwrapping their toys is inherently boring and I want you to read something I write, ever again.

On the other hand, this montage is worth watching because it serves as an impromptu IQ test. Which many of the participants fail miserably.

The problem is that the Nexus 7, and I speak as somebody who bought one, has an extremely… snug box. In the following video, you’ll notice just how hard it is to get out, provided you have zero sense.

You’ll notice that, at no time, do any of these people, say, run an Xacto knife or box cutter around the edge of the box seam, or just slice the corners of the top cover and pull it up like flaps. This is because the packaging must remain pristine, even though all of these people later chucked it in the recycling.

It’s hard to believe Google didn’t do this deliberately. They know the Nexus 7 is highly anticipated, and they know that every nerd with a video camera would make an unboxing video. So they gave them what they deserved.

Well-played, Google. Well-played.

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