NimbleTV could be revolutionary…if cable companies don’t kill it

by 7 years ago

One of the problems of cable is the fact that you only get one screen to watch it on. Want to catch the game on your laptop while you’re away? Tough.

NimbleTV wants to make that a thing of the past… if cable companies will let it.



Here’s how it works: You sign up for NimbleTV, and they take care of the rest: They sign you up for your subscription, including the methods you want, they host your cable hardware, and then put the shows you want to watch into the cloud.

You, in turn, can pull those shows from any computer or device that supports HTML5. Basically it’s like having a TiVo that works with your computer legally. It can even provide cable access to other countries.

The real question here is whether cable networks will tolerate this thing existing. Cable is notoriously anti-streaming, and broadcast networks aren’t fans of the concept either. This service would decouple buying your Internet from a cable provider and buying your TV from a cable provider. In other words, you could buy cable from some no-name provider. Whether this will stand? Well, we’ll see. You can sign up for the beta now.

NimbleTV [Official Site]

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