Nintendo announces a bigger 3DS and more is on the way

by 7 years ago

Last night, Nintendo unveiled a bigger version of their 3D-enabled handheld plus some new games in an online presentation. Why they didn’t do so at E3? Because Nintendo’s like that.

First things first…


Called the LL in Japan, we’re getting the much cooler sounding XL here in the US. Obviously, the screens are much bigger. 90% bigger to be exact. Yet no second circle pad, like everyone had been expecting.

Comes out in North American on August 19th for $199.99. Funny side-note: the AC adapter is not being included in the Japanese version, which led to mass panic over the same happening here, but we’re getting one, thank God.

Seriously, that’s hella dumb Nintendo of Japan. At least they’re getting the sexy all white model; our color options are blue/black and red/black. Yay. Moving onto game is news that New Super Mario Bros 2 will come out on August 19th as well…

The big news here is how it will be the first title in Nintendo’s history to offer paid DLC. Oh boy. Once Nintendo realizer how their fan base is willing to bend over for whatever (and they are), we might see antics that put EA’s cash grab initiatives to shame.

It was also announced that a new Smash Bros is on the way, and that Namco Bandai will be helping out, and that lots of key folks from various Namco hits, like Ridge Racer and Soul Calibur, will be involved. Otherwise, not much is known about the upcoming Wii U and 3DS title.

Oh, and Animal Crossing 3DS has been formally announced for the fall. Why this wasn’t revealed at E3 once again, which would have done much to instill confident in them, instead of being a laughing stock, is beyond me.

Plus a bunch of Virtual Console games are coming out all summer, about two a week. Super Mario Land is available right now, and for just $3, till the end of June.

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