‘Nintendo Power’ has been unplugged

by 6 years ago

Nintendo Power, the monthly bible for countless Nintendo nerds, and gamer dorks in general, for the past 24 years is finally coming to an end.

Nintendo Power

I was a pretty weird kid; instead of moving onto porno mags when hitting puberty, I stuck with gaming mags. That’s because screenshots of Starfox got my juices flowing to the same degree that Jenny McCarthy’s Playboy spread did for the normal teenage boys. Not even joking here.

Nintendo Power was definitely part of my library back in the day, as it was for others. But you grow up, and things change. Like getting means of getting gaming info, mostly due to the internet. Its days had been numbered for years now, and its amazing how that it has managed to hang in there (far longer than most other magazines, gaming or not).

Though according to Ars Technica, Nintendo is officially calling it quits. They are not renewing their contract with Future Publishing, who took over publishing in recent years, nor are they taking over the reigns.

Nintendo might be dumb enough to produce yet another underpowered home console, but they’re not dumb enough to stay involved in the world of print. Now that is a losing war if there ever was one.

Many folk my age are pretty bummed by this news. As one pal put it best, who hasn’t touched an copy in years, it was just nice to know it was there, you know? Though I did catch a few issues fairly recently, and can say firsthand that it was actually really good! Was surprisingly objective, all things considered.

You will be missed Nintendo Power. Yes kids today can get the same thing from websites and blog, but it won’t be the same, that’s for damn sure.

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