Nintendo releases its sexiest hardware yet, and it’s for Canada only?

by 6 years ago

Well, no longer do Canucks have free healthcare as their sole reason for living in the Great White North.

Nintendo is about to release a brand new version of the original Wii. Yes, a second follow-up, technically, alongside the Wii U. Confusing, right? It looks like this…


This brand new model is a budget priced device, going for just $100. But a few concessions have been made in the process; it only plays Wii games, and that’s it. Not only is GameCube supported been axed, but WiFi has been dropped also. Meaning no connecting to the internet to download old Super Nintendo games.

Plus, it’s only for the Canadian market. So, given all that, plus how gimped it is, why am I mentioning it? Well, take another look…


Seriously, just look at that beautiful thing. It might be the sexist hardware that Nintendo has produced in a very long time. Which is hardly surprising. Compare the original NES to the NES 2, the original SNES to the SNES 2, or more recently, the original 3DS to the 3DS XL.

Sucks how Nintendo can’t get it right the first time, generally speaking. For those wondering, the games are top-loaded, which proves you can have a system sans a slot-loading interface that doesn’t looks completely stupid. Like the new PS3. Still can’t get over how ugly it is…

Sony Computer Entertainment

Also, can’t wait to hear stories of little kids crying on Christmas morning who asked for ”the new Wii” and getting the Mini instead of the U.

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