‘Nobama’ beer is all the rage in Oklahoma

by 6 years ago

Beer has played a bigger role in this year’s presidential election than any past year I can remember. A new brew called “Nobama” has hit the shelves of Oklahoma, and Romneyfan is going crazy for it.


A flavorful Wheat Brew infused with the refreshing taste of Patriotism and Freedom. This special brew is made for sharing and produced in the heartland of America.

Aside from some questionable capitalization, that sounds like one hell of a beer. I’d be willing to bet that it will soon be the official drink of Colbert Nation. This reminds me of the year I bought Keystone Light 30-packs just because it said 30-Stones on the side. The Pistons were making their run for the NBA championship, and I felt like drinking “stones” was supporting the team. Do these people buying Nobama think it somehow supports Romney, or is it just fun to say you drank an anti-Barack beer?

Nobody should be surprised that Oklahoma would dislike Obama though. The state has been red since Lyndon B. Johnson. Then again, 12% of them voted for Ross Perot, so who knows what they might do.


Local ‘Nobama’ beer has some Oklahomans buzzed [KFOR]

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