Bored guy edited all the sex out of ‘Not the Wizard of Oz’ and these ladies can really sing

by 4 years ago

Not Wizard of Oz

Have you ever been SO bored you edited out all the sex in a porno?

This guy got that bored.  His adult film of choice is Not the Wizard of Oz — the XXX parody about Dorothy voyage to the magical land of Oz. Sort of.

The most spectacular adult movie of all time comes to life in breathtaking HD color. Following a terrible twister Dorothy awakens to a magical world of sex-crazed munchkins, horny witches, the Tin Man, Scarecrow, Lion & a Pimp. The XXX porn movie-of-the-century takes you on a hardcore sexual adventure that will blow you away like a Kansas tornado! Nothing is off limits as America’s great classic gets the XXX porn parody treatment in what is sure to become the most enjoyable sex movie ever. You can watch this instant classic with your wife or girlfriend and not get slapped or kicked out of the bedroom. Yes, it is that enjoyable.

Oddly enough, there was actually some singing involved in the porn parody. So much singing this video is a robust thirty-plus minutes. But just like a real porn flick, you’ll probably just skip to the best parts and stop watching after only a minute.

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