Novak Djokovic yelled some naughty things at fans during a match

Novak Djokovic lost in somewhat stunning fashion to Bulgarian sensation Grigor Dimitrov at the Madrid Open. But that’s not the story here. The story is what Djokovic screamed at the crowd after they turned on him during the second set.

The fist pumping was followed by several words in Serbian, one of which sounds like “kurac.” Plugging that into a Serbian-English translator and….oops. Shame on you Djoker.



Several users on the popular message board, Tennis Forum, also believe Djokovic screamed “suck my d-ck” or something to that effect.

Again, not good.

We’re waiting for Serbian readers to weigh in. We need a more accurate translation here.

*UPDATE: Um, it’s a lot worse than we thought. Literal translation from a reader fluent in Serbian, “”now you will lick my c-ck.” Ok then.