Obie the extremely fat daschund lost all the weight

by 6 years ago

Obie the daschund made headlines last year for clocking in at 77 pounds and basically being the fattest thing on four legs. But now he’s looking straight up slender after a tummy tuck and some dieting.

This was Obie the daschund when he went viral last year:

obie dschund fat


And this is Obie now:

 obie skinny


Obie’s now living in Oregon and weighing a svelte 27 pounds. He’s also probably unbelievably stoked that he can lick his own balls again. Rub your success in my face some more why don’t you, Obie?

obie daschund beach


You can check out more on Obie at the Facebook page chronicling his life, Obie Dog Journey.