Gaming ‘personality’ is obnoxious, creepy, and rude

by 6 years ago

It’s usually best to ignore gaming “personalities” and their obnoxious antics, since all they want are the YouTube hits. But a fellow who goes by KSI is so over the top that one can’t help but look on, even if causes a tidal wave of douche chills.

Unfortunately, KSI (a supposed well known gamer that I had no idea existed until the video above started spreading like wildfire on Twitter some 45 minutes ago) does highlight one simple fact: gaming conventions are much like strip joints.

Cons allow dudes, who might otherwise have no rap when it comes to the women, the chance to interact with very attract ones. Specifically ladies whose job is to shower dudes with attention. Some men, the angry pathetic types, use this opportunity to blow said pretty faces off, give them a hard time, or whatever else that they wish they could do in the real world.

It’s a total power trip and quite depressing. You can say what you want about booth babes, how they’re hurting the cause of sisterhood, and all that jazz. But at the end of the day, they’re just real people doing their jobs and trying to pay the damn rent. End of story.

So KSI’s shtick is not all that uncommon, though he takes it to a whole new level. Especially the 1:11 mark. Perhaps I’m just falling for the trap by spreading this thing around, but it’s also important to inform people about such nonsense. Specifically those who run event, so they’ll remember his face and prevent him from entering their premises.

Also, have said it before and I’ll say it again: that guy cosplaying as Super Mario. Before making fun of him, ask yourself: is it because he’s dressed like a dork or is it because you’re jealous that he’s ultimately more comfortable with himself and has bigger balls than you?

[UPDATE] Not surprisingly, KSI is now paying the price and eating a ton of crow for his b.s. The video above no longer works, but thankfully Kotaku saved a copy, which can be seen here.

They also explain how his sponsor, Razer (maker of various PC gaming peripherals), is none too pleased with the antics of their now former pitchman, plus he’s been officially banned from the convention in which the video took place (Eurogamer Expo).

KSI has also apologized, though the real shocker is how one of the women in the video also defends the guy. So strange. But whereas she gave the okay for him to put his face in her breasts, it’s clear that some of the other woman who were harassed were not in on the “jokes.”

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