ODOC is a future-proof iPhone dock

by 7 years ago

Here’s the problem with Apple: they won’t just surrender and use the same damn connectors as everyone else. Years ago, the proprietary connector was abandoned by everybody but Apple, and they all decided to use either micro-USB or mini-USB. Admittedly, this isn’t perfect, but at least now you’re not paying $50 for a charger that only fits your phone.

ODOCThis is a problem in that you never know when Apple will decide to screw you and put out a new connector that makes everything you’ve bought for your iPhone a piece of junk. ODOC, though, aims to fix this.

How? By future-proofing.

“Future-proofing” is just simply (well, “simply”) anticipating future trends and making your equipment modular enough to deal with them. Which is exactly what ODOC does: pop out four screws, and replace your connector for $20. The dock area is big enough to accept a larger iPhone, as well.

It’s not just that, though, that makes it appealing. ODOC is designed to be rotated into four positions for easy use and viewing, and it’s also designed to have some heft, so when you go to pick up your phone, the dock doesn’t come with it. And it also looks incredibly slick; this is one dock that doesn’t look like a cheap piece of crap.

ODOC starts at $109 on Kickstarter.

ODOC [Kickstarter]

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