Of course the Japanese invented spray-on sweatbands

by 6 years ago

Japan has a very odd cultural quirk in that inventing, and gadgetry, are a pretty big deal. This generally means something that any American would consider ridiculous will not only get invented, but will actually be brought to market.

Cold Foam

Our latest demonstration would be this ridiculous spray-on sweatbands.

Essentially, somebody combined freon and Silly String. Press the nozzle and the Cold Foam comes out of the can at a frosty one degree below zero Fahrenheit. Spray it on a flat surface, give it a few seconds to firm up, and you can make it into a sweatband, an armband, whatever you feel like slapping on yourself.

You know, because nothing feels as good as slapping something one degree below zero on your face. Unfortunately, this product is every bit as wasteful as it sounds: Once the chill wears off, which is estimated to be about five minutes, you’re supposed to chuck the foam chunk. Also those aerosols can not be great for the environment.

Still, if you want a can of this, keep your eyes open: It’ll likely start becoming available in summer.

Cold Foam Helps You Chill Out Instantly [Technabob]

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