Old woman photobombs happy couple’s engagement pic with a middle finger

by 5 years ago

A young couple wanted to make a magic moment at a Colorado Rockies game with their proposal. Unfortunately, their photographer who attempted to capture the scene ended up finding a photobomb of an elderly woman who clearly does not believe in love.

old lady marriage

Kerinsa Mullins

In case you thought that maybe this was just a one-off moment of annoyance from the old gal, the photographer told WTOP that it was an ongoing conflict.

“They kept yelling at me and I just ignored them because I was there to do a job and I did not want to miss something that would be so brief and so important,” photographer Kerinsa Mullins told WTOP.

“In about 20 of them, she and her friend are giving me the stink eye,” Mullins said.

While this couple’s engagement may have been slightly derailed, I’m proud of the old lady. Not for being an old c-u-next-tuesday but because I’m impressed that she was able to overcome her arthritis to hold her middle finger up so proudly to ruin the moment. Tremendous dedication.

(via BroBible)

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