Olympic sprinter trains to break the beer mile record

by 7 years ago

If we’ve learned anything from Michael “All I Do Is Win” Phelps love affair with Mary Jane, it’s that Olympians are more like you and I then we once believed. Olympic sprinter Nick Symmonds recent attempt to break the world record “beer mile” further proves that theory.

Stupid drinking challenges aren’t just for frat boys whose sports life has diminished to high school baseball stories and Thursday night broomball. Real athletes like to drink beer just like we do. Unlike us though, Nick Symmonds doesn’t play fantasy track and field. He’s an Olympian. Just last month he won a fifth place participation trophy in the 800-meter finals in London. His best non-drinking mile is a ridiculous 3:36. Add four beers to the mix and he slows to a meager 5:19 mile. Considering the last time I went out running I was around 9-minute miles, I have a feeling my beer mile would be about an hour.

Here are the official rules, or at least the Web site with first mover advantage’s rules, if you want to go give it a shot. You could be Guyism’s fastest beer miler.

  1. Each competitor drinks four cans of beer and runs four laps on a track (Start – beer/lap, beer/lap, beer/lap, beer/lap – finish).
  2. Beer must be consumed before the lap is begun, within the transition area which is the 10 meter zone before the start/finish line on a 400m track.
  3. The race begins with the drinking of the first beer in the last meter of the transition zone to ensure the comptitors run a complete mile (1609 meters).
  4. Women also drink four beers in four laps (past rule lists only required ladies to drink three beers).
  5. Competitors must drink canned beer and the cans should not be less than 355ml (the standard can volume) or 12oz (the imperial equivalent). Bottles may be substituted for cans as long as they are at least 12 oz (355 ml) in volume.
  6. No specialized cans or bottles may be used that give an advantage by allowing the beer to pour at a faster rate. ie “super mega mouth cans” or “wide mouth bottles” are prohibited.
  7. Beer cans must not be tampered with in any manner, ie. no shotgunning or puncturing of the can except for opening the can by the tab at the top. The same applies with bottles – no straws or other aids are allowed in order to aid in the speed of pouring.
  8. Beer must be a minimum of 5% alcohol by volume. Hard ciders and lemonades will not suffice. The beer must be a fermented alcoholic beverage brewed from malt and flavored with hops.
  9. Each beer can must not be opened until the competitor enters the transition zone on each lap.
  10. Competitors who vomit before they finish the race must complete one penalty lap at the end of the race (immediately after the completion of their 4th lap). Note: Vomiting more than once during the race still requires only one penalty lap at the end.

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