Olympic hottie Jessica Ennis sets personal best only to find out organizers screwed up

by 6 years ago

Heptathlete Jessica Ennis was celebrating a personal best in the 100m hurdles Sunday when organizers informed her of a massive foul up. They put 9 hurdles in the race instead of the required 10. Oops. The incident took place at the Great CityGames in Manchester, an event track stars probably won’t visit after such an elementary mistake.

Here’s what Ennis had to say after the race:

“I feel let down,” said Ennis, in a rare show of frustration. “I felt like it was a good race, I was running well, I was obviously coming through at the end, stick another hurdle on there it would have been the same outcome but, argh, I’m so annoyed. What can I say? I’ve still had a good competitive race but I’ve just not got the result that I wanted.”

In somewhat related news, Jessica Ennis is mildly attractive and her six-pack is quite impressive.

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