ONDA Cycle: Finally, a stunt tricycle exists

Yes, in theory, you have outgrown Big Wheels. On the other hand, the ONDA Cycle is far from the plastic contraption you remember as a kid. For one thing, you can do stunts with it. Seriously.

Here’s the Kickstarter video, although you’ll have to skip ahead to about 1:28 to start seeing the tricycle in action:

The key to the ONDA Cycle’s fun is the fact that it has two wheels on casters in the back (think shopping cart wheels) instead of two fixed wheels. The back wheels being able to independently rotate opens up a whole bunch of stunt possibilities, from spins to drifts to overly precise turns. You can lock them if you want… but why would you?

While this is a Kickstarter, unlike most Kickstarters, if this doesn’t reach its fairly modest goal of moving 100 of these trikes, the inventors will still be building ONDA Cycles in limited numbers while looking for a manufacturing and distributing partner.

Besides, it’ll be worth the $350 just to ride it through the park and spin out in front of random people to see the looks on their faces.

ONDA Cycle [Kickstarter]