ooVoo: More people, and more flexibility, than Skype

by 7 years ago

You probably use Skype, either in your personal life or at work. And Skype is pretty good, you know, it lets you IM and occasionally video chat, and stuff like that. But there are a few drawbacks. One, only ten people can converse at a time; two, you have to have a Skype account, and download a Skype client, to use it; and three, the cross platform problems are tricky and only recently have been licked.



So, if you need a lot of people on video chat and you need something flexible…ooVoo might just be your better option.

The nice thing is that essentially you just need a computer capable of handling video chat to use the service: for example, if somebody isn’t a member and you want to chat with them on your phone, they can just go to the site and use it through the browser: no sign-in, no credit cards, just getting the call done.

The cross-platform calls work really well, also; Skype only recently worked out those bugs and ooVoo is fairly smooth on that score. So if you need video chat, you might officially have two apps fighting for your mug.

ooVoo [Official Site]

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