Open your beer cooler by checking in on FourSquare

by 7 years ago

I’m off of the FourSquare bandwagon, but the invention of the Social Cooler might bring me back. The cooler, created by iStrategyLabs, is hacked to open when you check in on the location-based social network. Drinking beer just got even easier.

If this seems unnecessary, it is. Now don’t get on your high “Colin hates technology” horse again, because that was BS the first time some of you claimed it. Just because this cooler is unnecessary doesn’t mean it’s pointless. This is modern technological innovation at its finest.

We think these kinds of hacks – what we call Social Machines – are the most interesting application of all the disciplines here at iStrategyLabs. We take strategy + creative + technology + experience and BAM! = you get an incredible way to engage people.

Social media isn’t going anywhere, so the people who can find ways to integrate it into everyday life beyond letting people where you are or what you’re eating are going to be the ones pushing the envelope for the next decade. Kudos to Zachary Saale for this clever invention. If beer coolers aren’t your thing, he also has an awesome dog (Twitter stalking FTW!).

Social Cooler Arrives in NYC [iStrategyLabs]

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