Panasonic has a 8K, 145-inch TV; your TV officially stinks

by 7 years ago

There is no such thing as too big of a TV. There’s a such a thing as too small of a TV, especially if you’re watching Blu-Ray; there’s no point to owning a Blu-Ray player unless you own a TV that’s five feet across.

panasonic 145 inch tvBut there is, however, such a thing as overkill. Like Panasonic’s new TV. It’s more than eleven feet across. It’s got twice the resolution any digital cinema camera can even film at right now.

And it’s absolutely glorious.

This mondo TV set is ridiculous in just about every respect. The aspect ratio is a heart-stopping 7680 by 4320. For contrast, that’s about eight times the resolution of your average HDTV.

It’s also “self-illuminating”, which is a jargony way of saying that it doesn’t require you to look at it from a specific angle to look good: it’ll send out light in multiple directions.

Shockingly, it’s not also 3D, but we assume that it being so is only a matter of time. Equally shockingly, there’s no information about how you’re going to fit this monstrosity through your front door. It doesn’t matter, as it’s not for sale yet, but soon. Oh yes, soon it will be yours.

Oh, and here’s a song about it:

Panasonic teams up with NHK to build 145-inch TV [Engadget]

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