Paqchair becomes a bed, lets guests know they’re unwelcome

by 7 years ago

I’m at the point in my life where, as an adult, I have a guest room. The problem with guest rooms is that they tend to invite guests, and if you love your friends, spend three days with one of them hogging the bathroom. The trick is to have a guest bed that is technically serviceable while clearly sending a polite message of f*** off.

This is what the Paqchair achieves.

Essentially the Paqchair is a thin foam mattress that folds and gets stuffed into a base to be sat on when not in use. Here’s a video that demonstrates the concept in action:

If that looks incredibly uncomfortable, it probably is. Which is the real genius of the Paqchair.

See, you don’t want your guests to be too comfortable, otherwise, especially if they’re friends or just leeches, getting them out will involve dynamite. In this respect this is absolutely perfect: It offers sleeping space, but just enough to allow sleep for maybe a night. Anything more than that is both uncomfortable and annoying.

In other words, it’s a great way to have an overnight guest while sending a message that said guest shouldn’t count on your generosity. Well worth the $220 asking price.

Paqchair [Official Site]

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