Parking Douche is an app that needs to come to America

by 7 years ago

If you think parking is bad in America, it’s nothing compared to Russia. Entitled attitudes plus their…unique approach to law enforcement quickly teaches a certain type of person that they don’t have to care about other people and can just park wherever they like.

The Parking Douche app supposedly takes aim at that. We say supposedly because we’re a little skeptical this isn’t just a parody. But if it’s real, it’s brilliant.

Here, have a video of how it works:

This couldn’t be fully taken to America, we don’t think: we’d imagine there would be problems with privacy laws and slander, two things they couldn’t care less about in post-Communist Russia.

But the architecture is a thing of beauty: the user takes a picture of the douchebag’s parking job. Then he take a photo of their license plate, and enters in street and address location. This is sent to a web server, that finds IP addresses in that location and sends them ads showing the car, the license, and the street.

And the only way to get rid of the ad is to share the douchery on Facebook. It’s glorious. It’s the Internet shame machine lovingly formed into a sleek, efficient, ego-eater. Please let this exist. This would be a better world for this existing.

Parking Douche [Gizmag]

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