Part Android, part PlayStation Vita, all crap

by 8 years ago

Another week, another kooky piece of gaming hardware from China that looks like one thing, but is called something else, and fails to do much of anything.

The DROID X360 is the latest knock off game machine from the back alleys of China. It looks like a PlayStation Vita, and is named after the Xbox 360, but is ultimately an Android device. Though truth be told, the specs aren’t half bad:

A 1GHz CPU, Android 4.0, 5-inch touch screen, rear 2-megapixel camera, front facing 0.3-megapixel camera (okay, those optics are pretty inexcusable), micro SD card support (up to 32GB), and even an HDMI out port. So you can play poorly emulated N64 games on your 60 inch LED flat screen.

It comes pre-loaded with a bunch of NES, SNES, Genesis, Game Gear, and N64 emulators. And I’m betting roms for everything is already included; that’s just how they roll in Shenzhen. Though I must say; that Mega Man X rom hack does look interesting.

Cost about $115 American, according to Eurogamer. And given that it also plays Android games, with the aid of buttons and the like, I know some people on this side of the ocean are definitely interested.

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