Pat Bertoletti and Joey Chestnut have a Guinness pitcher chugging race

by 7 years ago

Everyone has a friend who can slam a beer pretty quickly, but they would look like a freshman girl compared to Pat Bertoletti and Joey Chestnut. Spoiler alert: it takes less than five seconds to chug a pitcher. I’d expect nothing less than this out of the #1 and #2 ranked competitors in Major League Eating. Not only did they upgrade from a pint to a pitcher, they also went dark. If you’ve ever taken a Car Bomb, then you know speed-drinking Guinness is no joke.

Joey Chestnut may rule the hot dog world, but Deep Dish made short work of him in this contest. I guess that shouldn’t come as a surprise given that he drank 16 beers in 3 minutes in an earlier video. I’ve gotten drunk with Pat before, and he’s a hell of a good time when wasted. I have to imagine he was after this, especially with the immediate calls for another race afterwards. Nothing says “party” quite like a best of seven pitcher chugging series.

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