Paul Ryan tells the same joke at every speech

by 6 years ago

The Internet is omnipresent these days. Unfortunately, for a politician new on the trail like GOP vice presidential candidate Paul Ryan, that means you probably shouldn’t recycle the same joke during every speech when they’re all streamed on the Internet.

Removing the man’s politics and our opinion on them, this video is pretty priceless. I love how he forces himself to chuckle along with it like he’s figuring out the joke on the fly each time. It’s almost like the laughter is legally bound to come out of his mouth. He doesn’t want to laugh. It should be his choice not to laugh. But he has to laugh because the people above him forced this joke upon him. So the laugh leaves his body. Paul Ryan silently resents that laugh for the rest of his life but he has to pretend it’s all okay. Personal choice never entered into the equation.


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