PBR rescues college girl from sobriety

by 6 years ago

We rarely see positive stories involving the college kids, campus police, and beer. In reality, this story wasn’t actually all that happy until PBR stepped in. A couple drunk presumably hipsters stole beer. They got caught. It was dumped out. Nothing good so far. It took a turn for the better when a Pabst Blue Ribbon rep caught wind of the tale of collegiate woe and offered to replace the beer for the girls. While that may not seem like much, a few extra case of beer to kids in school is about as big of a deal as a day off from work is for the rest of us. Chalk up a big win for the folks at PBR.

My favorite part is the demonstration of the culprit fleeing with the stolen PBR. They should really put “dramatic reenactment” on the screen because I was convinced they had actual footage of the crime. And in case you were curious, he didn’t actually have a knife. It was a fork. Terrifying.

College Senior Robbed of Beer [WOWT]

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