PETA’s newest ad makes me throw up in my mouth a little

by 6 years ago

How do you take a photo of a topless Joanna Krupa and turn it into something unappealing? Let’s ask PETA’s newest “Don’t Wear Fur” ad campaign.


The campaign is under fire for the controversial idea of comparing the hair on women’s nether regions to an animal’s fur. Critics say that it’s anti-feminist for the implication that such a look is “unattractive.”

A PETA spokesperson says:

“Years ago, it was disgraceful for women to show their knees and we all laugh at that today. And I think that some day, nudity will stop being interesting…and when that happens, we will stop using that tactic. But right now, it’s a really fun way to grab attention, and get people on the site. And that’s why we do it.”

If you want to reward PETA’s faux controversy, you can view their microsite here.

The good news? Someone out there is still masturbating to this. Shine on you anonymous hero of the Internet.


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