Meet Phi, the air traffic controller for all your gadgets

by 8 years ago

Here’s what sucks about your gadgets: they’re on different networks. For example, your cell phone is on a wireless carrier, while your laptop is on your WiFi connection, and your HDTV receiver is pulling in another network entirely. This makes it essentially impossible for them to talk to each other or interact the way we want. For example, if your phone’s reception is crappy, you can’t send the call to your wireless land line phone.

Phi Per VicesOr could you? That’s where Phi comes in: it’s designed to pull all the signals in your house together and send them wherever you want them.

The Phi by Per Vices is basically an air traffic controller. You plug the card into a central computer at your house, and it processes and streams the signals where you want them to go. For example, with a Phi, instead of watching HDTV in your living room, you can use it to break down and send signals to, say, your tablet, so you watch TV on it instead. Or reroute calls from your cell phone to your computer.

For now, you’ll need a computer running Linux and $750 to install the Phi, but the day is not so far away when this will be a lot cheaper, and a lot easier for everyone to use.

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