PhoneSoap: For the OCD phone user

by 6 years ago

Cell phones are disgusting. What do you expect? You shove them in pockets and rub your face all over them, repeatedly, all day, every day. Of course they’re bacteria farms.

PhoneSoapOf course, it’s extremely unlikely you’ll catch anything dangerous from your cell phone. It’s more likely you just have something mildly unpleasant on there that may give you the occasional zit. But if you’re germphobic, have sensitive skin, or just like things that blast other things with some form of light, then you might like the PhoneSoap, a Kickstarter project.

The PhoneSoap works like any other non-fluid sanitizer: you put your phone in the box, plug it in to charge (which is optional) and then close the box. The box then floods itself with UV light, just like professional electronics sanitizers.

The nice thing is that the device can be used to sanitize all your other stuff, so if you need your keys cleaned or want to see what happens when you blast a slice of cheese with UV light, it’ll work either way. Best of all, the cost is actually pretty good: pledge to their Kickstarter now and you’ll get it for just $39.

PhoneSoap [Kickstarter]

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