Pike fraternity member hospitalized after alcohol enema

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Proving that alcohol enemas aren’t a myth, a member of Pi Kappa Alpha fraternity at University of Tennessee was taken to the hospital with an over .4 BAC.

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Hospital staff told investigators that Broughton was in critical condition and unresponsive when he arrived, with a blood alcohol content level above 0.4, which is considered toxic and potentially deadly.
After conducting several interviews, investigators determined the fraternity members had been using rubber tubing to give each other alcohol enemas. Police said the practice heightens and speeds up the process of alcohol entering the blood stream because it bypasses filtering by the liver.

Rocky Top? More like rocky bottom. For a long time I thought that a champagne enema was something only found in porn. Then, years ago, stories started breaking about alcohol soaked tampons being used by men, and the idea no longer seemed so far fetched. Now, we have proof. What the fuck is wrong with you people?

Getting drunk is fun. I love it. Sure, sometimes you have to play catch up when everyone’s already drunk and you’re just getting started, but I can think of any time crunch worth inserting a rubber tube in your sphincter and pouring alcohol into your colon. It sounds extra awful when described like a grown up, doesn’t it? Taking a bunch of shots doesn’t take that long. Sure you won’t be wasted for another 20 minutes, but at least you’ll be functional. Do you really need to be drunk in the next 2 minutes? Maybe there’s a market for inhalable alcohol after all.

UT student hospitalized with toxic BAC level [WBIR]

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