Planet Fitness removes squat racks for being ‘intimidating’ because we’re such pussies in America

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Planet Fitness regularly touts how it’s not like all the other gyms and encourages soft people to indulge in its purple haze of mediocrity. And now they’re taking it one step further: Getting rid of squat racks for being “intimidating.”

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Redditor Kalerad posted his problem with Planet Fitness’s overly all-inclusive philosophy on the site’s Fitness subsection.

“I walked in noticing the outline of dust on the floor where the squat rack once stood. I was heartbroken. Especially since I had just recently found a love for squatting.

“I of course had to ask an employee “WTF?” He regretfully told me that a few days prior corporate came in and removed it because ‘a customer complained that it was intimidating.'”

The move is one of many — along with offering free pizza and bagels and tanning beds — to lure in the casual gym goer who might be turned off by gyms being a little too “fitness oriented.”

Either way, if you want to do serious workouts at any point in your life, make sure to avoid Planet Fitness. And if you’re the type of person who’s intimidated by a series of metal rods that make people stronger and healthier, we’re probably all better off if you remove yourself from society’s gene pool.

PS Planet Fitness also hates hot women. Burn them down.

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