Pogo Connect turns your iPad into a drawing table

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One of the “problems” with the iPad is that it would seem to be a good drawing pad, but it really isn’t. It’s inherent in the design. What makes it work well with your hand means making it work with a stylus is tricky and that fine pressure sensitivity is pretty much impossible.

pogo connect

Photo Credit: Ten One Design

But budding artists and people who want to cheat at Draw Something shouldn’t lose hope: the Pogo Connect gives artists a chance to create more fine art. And drawings of boobs.

Essentially it works like a drawing tablet in reverse. Instead of the tablet sensing the pressure and transferring that information to the computer, the stylus senses the amount of pressure and communicates that information to the app using Bluetooth.

But what about the most annoying aspect of a stylus, namely the fact that they go missing pretty much constantly? Not a problem: since the stylus has a Bluetooth radio built in, you just fire off a ping and the stylus tells you where it is on a radar-type display.

It’s not a perfect solution: The iPad screen will still likely have lag, and it’s not as finely detailed as a Wacom tablet. But for $80, it can solve a lot of problems for artists, and help the rest of us finally win a game.

Pogo Connect [Ten One Design]

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