Polaroid rolls out a small interchangeable lens camera

by 7 years ago

The Consumer Electronics Show is coming up, and we’re getting a preview of some of the more interesting things that are coming along for you to buy.

One of them is a tiny camera that seems out to combine a point-and-shoot and a DSLR. Well, at least on the interchangeable lenses front.

polaroid camera


Interchangeable lenses mean that your camera has more functionality and you can wring better images out of it, especially because you can tweak the focus and bring out your subject better. Although considering how tiny this thing actually is, it’s likely to have a fairly small sensor, meaning you’re not going to be getting perfect pictures out of it.

That said, though, it is interesting that a camera like this is coming along. Equally interesting is the fact that that it’s powered entirely by Android, so you can load this thing with photo apps and allowing you to tweak photos as you shoot them.

That said, Polaroid promised a fixed-lens version of this camera a year ago, and we have yet to see that. So hopefully they’re back on the ball.

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